USB270TDV ASTELL Duaclave Front Loading Autoclaves

This is the ideal autoclave where laboratory space is at a premium. The Duaclave features two identical chambers, one directly above the other. (Heaters in chamber)
Manufacturer: ASTELL Sterilizer
Sterilizer / Autoclave Vacuum Pump

Combining two units within one frame, the two chambers operate completely independently. Ideal for most laboratory applications including sterilization of Liquids (Media), Discard, Glassware, and Laboratory Instruments.

Standard Features:

5.7” Full Colour Touchscreen
PLC Controller
Drain Valve
Data Archive
Timed (Delayed) Start
Independently Controlled Chambers
Electro-Polished Chamber
Validation Port
Media Holdwarm
Cooling Lock
Over-Temperature Protection
Safety Valve Test Program
Pressure Gauge
5 Password Levels
Multi Program
Emergency Stop
Timed/Pulsed Free Steaming
Internal Base Shelf

Electrically Heated Models (in-vessel or steam generator)
Power: Dependent on model, please refer to table above for details. 3-Phase 380-440 volts (Phase-Phase), 50/60 Hz. 200-240 Volt single phase supply, 50/60 Hz. NB. A Neutral Line and Protective Earth are required for all electrically heated units.
Water: A cold water supply of 2 to 6 bar minimum, 4 L/min is required for the Autofill or Water Cooling (including Deluge Cooling) options. Max Temp. 25oC, Max flow rate 20L/Min.


 Freight Shipping Required

Products specifications
Sterilizer Door Size 18 inches
Sterilizer Chamber Depth 34 inches
Sterilizer Chamber Volume 40 Gal/153 L
Sterilizer Dimension 73" x 52" x 27" (685mm x 1855mm x 1310mm)
Sterilizer Power Voltage 230V Three Phases
Sterilzier Power Current 15A
Loading Methods Front Load
Sterilizer Program ASTELL 5 Preset Programmed Cycles
Sterilizer High Temperature 275F (134C)
Color White
Type of Heating Element Internal Heating Element
Sterilizer Speed Standard
Type of Door Hinge Door
Warranty Parts and Labor 1 year